Sharing our legacy with the world


Our story begins more than a century ago with the birth of Mack B. Stokes in Wonsan, Korea. The son of missionaries, Mack grew up with a sense of purpose, a mission to help others, and a strong connection to the Eastern mindset. He was exposed to both Eastern and Western spiritual philosophies, which influenced his passionate pursuit of “The Truth.” Bishop Stokes, like Martin Luther King, Jr., achieved his Ph.D from Boston University, concentrating on “Personalism.” From there, he rose in his church and teachings to the highest levels, driven by his personal mantra that “all beings are unutterably precious.”

In this spirit, his son Arch, daughter-in-law Maggie, and granddaughter Susannah Rose began their own purpose-driven work toward #equalism across several industries. Arch and Maggie became lawyers and, for more than 50 years, advocated equal opportunity in the workplace, most notably through their law firm StokesWagner. With backgrounds in the Marine Corps and law enforcement, respectively, Arch and Maggie advised and trained leaders to treat all equally, with dignity and respect, and to practice The Golden Rule in all aspects of life. As a Marine Corps Officer, Susannah became a Victim Advocate for sexual assault survivors and later, promoted diversity as an activist in the women’s and Veterans’ movements in Silicon Valley. Together, Susannah, Arch and Maggie seek global awakening through application of Universal Ethics. Like the confluence of rivers, the ideas, visions, studies and experiences of the parents and the daughter came together, and DOUNTO was born.

DOUNTO was founded in 2020 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in order to fully encompass our Golden Rule Ethos. We believe that this message is one that belongs to all of us and model our corporate structure on the Universal Ethics that we teach. Born just before the COVID-19 Global Pandemic and subsequent Black Lives Matter movements, DOUNTO aims to empower conscious and compassionate leaders who can help our world grow to be more just and peaceful. To that end, our vision is to provide all of our trainings, workshops and resources completely free of charge to nonprofits and social impact organizations, because we believe this work should be accessible to all.

We envision a world where all beings are treated with dignity and respect and leaders are


We are committed to walking our talk, in everything we do. We believe in living, loving and leading toward a more just and peaceful world. From the inside out, our organization embodies the principles of…

  • Reciprocity


    We seek to do unto others as we wish they will do unto us, especially in our actions and our words.

  • Equalism


    We are an equal opportunity organization and welcome all gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnicities and backgrounds. We encourage all to show up as their most authentic selves.

  • Nonviolence


    We seek to find inclusive solutions, always using nonviolent methods in our endeavors toward peaceful resolution.