Sharing our legacy with the world

At DOUNTO, we believe that the leaders of your company determine its future success. They determine whether your workforce is trained, safe and inclusive. They determine if the culture is truly a team effort and if you operate based on your values. They determine if the humans in your organization feel empowered and encouraged, or marginalized and unsupported.

We also believe that great leaders are not born great leaders. Great leaders are grown, cultivated, trained and empowered. They need support to feel encouraged and to #DoUntoSelf, so they can show up to #DoUntoOthers. While leaders can acquire managerial skills through training education, it’s the “human skills” that really matter. We know, through decades of research, that empowering your leaders with such skills is the “make or break” difference between a good organization and a Golden one.

Our experience has shown us that organizations that do not invest in their leaders--and in the humans they lead--don’t succeed. Those that build conscious, #GoldenCommunities where humans feel welcomed and wanted, ultimately reduce their turnover and increase their profits. Isn’t it time that we cultivate #GoldenLeaders toward a world where humans are “the bottom line”?

Join our movement and Be The Change we all want to see!


We are committed to walking our talk, in everything we do. We believe in living, loving and leading toward a more just and peaceful world. From the inside out, our organization embodies the principles of…

  • Reciprocity


    We seek to do unto others as we wish they will do unto us, especially in our actions and our words.

  • Equalism


    We are an equal opportunity organization and welcome all gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnicities and backgrounds. We encourage all to show up as their most authentic selves.

  • Nonviolence


    We seek to find inclusive solutions, always using nonviolent methods in our endeavors toward peaceful resolution.