Empower your leaders with our 12-week immersive leadership development program

Support Your #GoldenLeaders with Human Skills

Leaders need support, too. Our 12-week virtual #GoldenLeadership Program is designed to give your fast-paced leaders the help they need to grow from within, so they can show up for the mission.

Our program is designed with remote and location-flexible teams in mind, giving your leaders an in-depth, immersive experience they can access wherever they go.

Using cutting edge technology, the #GoldenLeadership Program empowers your modern leaders to first #DoUntoSelf, learning self-care practices that translate into compassion and care for the humans they lead. Then, we dive deep into the human skills that sometimes get lost in this increasingly automated world, encouraging your leaders to #DoUntoOthers.

If you want to reduce turnover, increase productivity, and empower your teams to operate with purpose, this program is for you.

If you care about your team, about their personal and professional development, about growth, about building camaraderie, do this workshop.
Team Member & Workshop Participant

The DoUnto workshop was the high point of many months of being at home.
Julie K.,


Then, Build a #GoldenCommunity

Want more? We got you.

Our #GoldenLeadership Program is personalized to your organization’s needs and future goals. During our #GoldenDiscovery calls, we work with you and your leaders to determine exactly which workshops, tools and guest speakers will be most effective for your team’s growth.

After your leaders complete the 12-week virtual program, we support you with collective workshops to integrate their learnings and grow together. We then provide you with a plan for your organization’s ongoing leadership development, supported by our library of digital tools and resources.

In our co-creative process, we empower your organization to build a #GoldenCommunity, led by #GoldenLeaders.



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