Giving Back

Apply Today for Our #GoldenGiving Scholarship Program


Your organization is already out there working hard to create a better world, so why not support your leaders with a FREE, virtual 12-week #GoldenLeadership Program to help them lead your organization and create more impact?

As a qualifying nonprofit or social impact organization, you can take advantage of our #GoldenGiving program to get free access to our signature online tools and resources, supporting your leaders in learning how to first #DoUntoSelf and then #DoUntoOthers.

We’re dedicated to helping organizations like yours focus your efforts and funds entirely on your mission, so let us support you in building a long-lasting leadership program.

If you’re a nonprofit or social impact organization, work with the DOUNTO team to:

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    Support your leaders with a FREE, virtual 12-week #GoldenLeadership Program.
  • 2
    Design an ongoing leadership development program supported by our digital library of tools and resources.
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    Focus your organization’s funds entirely on impact, while we dedicate time and effort to supporting your human needs.
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    Cultivate #GoldenLeaders that lead toward higher retention and greater team cohesion.
I was able to build up my own self-confidence and learn to embrace my strengths and run with it!
Jenny L.,

Team Leader

It was refreshing to be held accountable for my expectations and set goals in order to come closer to achieving them.
Lora C.,


Helped me to be more aware of how my physical body was communicating to me and to be more comfortable with utilizing that information to contribute to any analysis or decision making.”
Travis D.,



  • Travis

  • Katie