3 Ways to Master Crisis Leadership

Whether you are a leader in your company, family, community or volunteer group, you have the ability to radically shift how the people in your circle handle tumultuous times. Times of crisis are critical periods for your grounding leadership. Here are three quick ways you can activate these qualities to be a force for good:

  1. Be real. Those around you want to know that you are safe and healthy, but they also want to feel that you are communicating honestly and authentically. They may be having a difficult time and they don’t want to feel alone. If you are having challenges, share those and give your community a glimpse of your daily life (which is easier now that we’re all dialing into meetings from home!).
  2. Connect with your values + communicate them regularly. If you have personal values, or believe strongly in your organization’s values, remind yourself of those and think more deeply about them during this time. As a leader, try to connect these values to the work you and your community are doing to tap into a bigger purpose for yourself and everyone around you.
  3. Show passion + compassion. You are a leader in your organization for a reason–you have a passion for your product, service or mission. Let that passion shine through to motivate those around you to feel the same energy. If you couple this with compassion for your community’s current struggle, they will follow you anywhere!

As you connect with your team regularly, authentically and compassionately, you will see a shift occur. Your ability to be real and to connect on a deeper level will give them permission to do the same, pushing your teams to grow closer, work together more effectively and achieve more.

Today, take 10 minutes to think about what you can authentically share with your team to show passion and compassion for them, to become a #GoldenLeader tomorrow.

Susannah Stokes is the President and CEO of DOUNTO, Inc., a leadership development organization that provides 1:1 Leadership Coaching, Team Workshops, Corporate Diversity & Anti-Discrimination Training. She is a former Marine Corps Captain, a graduate of the US Naval Academy and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. She is dedicated to helping leaders Be the Change they wish to see in the world, by living and leading by The Golden Rule.