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Leading humans in an automated world is tough. We work with you and your leaders to cultivate human skills rooted in The Golden Rule that bring your entire organization closer together, even in a remote-only environment.


More than ever before, humans in the workplace feel isolated and disconnected. We believe that you and your leaders have the power to change that. We’re here to help you cultivate #GoldenLeaders who can create a #GoldenFuture for your organization.


We’re not your father’s leadership development organization. Fusing ancient wisdom with cutting-edge technology is our specialty. We move as fast as you do–using the most modern methods to immerse your leaders in our custom leadership programs and workshops.


We’re more than an organization–DOUNTO is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, allowing us to embody a full-fledged movement. We spread awareness around #GoldenLeadership, offer free resources and tools, and provide #GoldenGiving scholarships to other nonprofits and social impact organizations. Every time you choose to work with us, you support other organizations in their journey toward building a #GoldenCommunity. Join our movement and Be The Change!

Our Network

Trying to get a serious message through to all of our diverse team is difficult. The DOUNTO team’s backgrounds brought so much credibility and helped them really engage which was wonderful to see. These trainings can often be a painful experience with many dismissing them as unnecessary. The DOUNTO Training was quite the opposite. Thanks again for bringing some awareness and helping us enforce “common sense”. It truly felt more like a discussion than a training.

Chris Maguire,

Modus CEO

The fireside chat we hosted with Susannah exceeded my wildest expectations and, most importantly, left a lasting positive change at our company. I’ve had numerous employees reference her talk and use examples from her stories and I can’t wait to host her at our office again in-person once shelter-in-place restrictions are lifted. Put simply, Susannah’s leadership experiences are one-in-a-million and any leader or manager looking for individual coaching would be crazy not to seek you out for mentorship and professional development.

Zach Scheel,

Rhumbix CEO

Leadership is about empathy. It is about having the ability to relate to and connect with people for the purpose of inspiring and empowering their lives.

- Oprah Winfrey


  • LOVE


    At DOUNTO, Love is always the underlying message of everything that we do. This means being compassionate to the needs of everyone we work with, and building authentic connections wherever we go.

  • LIVE


    DOUNTO is dedicated to helping others live in full presence so that we get the most out of life. We believe that as we grow to appreciate the fleeting nature of our existence, we expand our capability to help ourselves and others.

  • LEAD


    DOUNTO defines a leader as any being who has the courage to lead themSelf, first. Leadership then moves outward through authentic connection across our communities and organizations. Once we learn to love abundantly and live in presence, we can lead from the heart.