Speaking Engagements

Is your company experiencing a period of high growth, which inevitably comes with high stakes and high stress?
Do you want your managers to not only manage, but lead their teams with passion and purpose?
Or maybe you have an annual All Hands meeting around the corner and want to inspire your work family to kick a$$ this year?

I have been asked to speak at conferences, universities and Fortune 100-companies across the country to inspire others to really walk their talk with purpose and conviction.

I use my years of experience as a female leader in the Marine Corps, a Silicon Valley Chief of Staff and an expert in culture transformation to motivate your team to push through any challenge.

I offer speaking engagements remotely and in person, anywhere in the world. Set up time with me today to learn more about what I can offer to your team.

I've Spoken At:

  • Dartmouth Tuck School of Business
  • Facebook, Inc.
  • TPG
  • AppDynamics (Cisco)
  • Edelman
  • Naval Postgraduate School
  • and many more!

Team Workshops

Is your team struggling with low productivity or morale?
Is your team now fully remote for the first time?
Are you looking to take your team “flow” to the next level?

We often overlook the value of team connection in our fast-paced economy, but high-performing teams are the key to organizational success.
Work with me to take your team from disconnected to cohesive during a tough transition like going fully remote, or from solid to “flow state” to up-level your next quarter numbers.
We specialize in helping your fully-remote team—particularly those new to remote life—become the most effective it can be. Set up time to talk with us today!