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How we work



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    100% Remote Coaching
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    In-Person Coaching available by request
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    Available Anywhere, Anytime.
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    45-60 minute calls once per week.
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Program Offerings

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    360 Degree Reviews
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    Self-Analysis Tools: Enneagram, Meyers-Briggs, etc.
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    Proven Prioritization & Self-Care Strategies.
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    Data-Driven Leadership Results.
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Session Packs

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    3 Month, 12 Sessions Transition Coaching
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    6 Month, 24 Sessions Leadership Coaching
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ICF-Certified Leadership Coaching

Are you founding a startup?
Working through a business crisis?
Making an industry move?
Experiencing a personal transition like a divorce or loss?
Transition is the #1 time to grow toward our potential--or fall back into old, destructive patterns.

I work with innovators, dynamic thinkers and creative leaders to help you not only navigate transition, but use times of challenge to your advantage.

I offer this service anywhere in the world, at any hour, making it convenient for you to fit our coaching sessions into your hectic schedule.

I partner with leaders to help them navigate challenges by understanding their true purpose in the world, which starts with building tools for self-mastery and ends in achieving exponential results toward their specific goals. A partnership with me spans 3-6 months and by the end, you will have the skills to:

  • Make clearer, more strategic decisions toward the future of you and your business or career, resulting in greater ROI
  • Lead and grow mission-oriented teams with clarity and purpose
  • Take control of your thoughts and emotions without being controlled by them
  • Feel a greater sense of calm and purpose in life, knowing that you are working in alignment with your personal values and mission.
  • Lead intentionally in a modern, technology-driven world
  • Live a joyful, productive life filled with deep and meaningful connections to your community, team, family or partner(s)